Comfortably to the summit with a rental e-mountain bike!

The new e-mountain bikes for hire at Sport Puschi

Have you always wanted to test an e-bike but never had the chance? The perfect opportunity awaits – the hiking and mountain biking region of Semmering offers wonderfully varied routes to explore the magic mountain. And for those who don’t want to sweat as much, the best way to do this is with an e-bike, which can be rented easily and conveniently from Sport Puschi e-mountain bike rental!


Please book your e-bike at least 48 h in advance. Earliest pickup: 09:00 o’clock .

Make a reservation via telephone during the opening hours: +43 2664 24 71

And in summer?
The Semmering hiking and mountain biking region

Even in summer, the Semmering Zauberberg offers a variety of leisure experiences in the Viennese Alps with its many hiking offers. Starting from the valley station of the gondola lift, many different tours around the Zauberberg await.

As the highest point on the magic mountain, the Dr.-Erwin-Pröll Millennium Observatory offers a breath-taking and incomparable panoramic view over the Semmering-Rax-Schneeberg area, all the way to the Viennese Basin.

Do you want to explore the Semmering region comfortably with an e-bike?

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And for those who prefer to power uphill: mountain bike trails in Semmering

We have summarised the most scenic mountain bike routes clearly for you as a pdf.

1. Semmering – Kaltenbach – Stuhleck – route
thumbnail of Semmering-Kaltenbach-Stuhleck-Strecke-standard-de

2. Semmering – Pinkenkogel

thumbnail of Pinkenkogel-Strecke-standard-de

3. Semmering World Heritage Cycle Tour

thumbnail of Weltkulturerberunde-standard-de-1

4. Semmering – Liechtenstein route

thumbnail of Semmering-Liechtenstein-Strecke-standard-de

5. Semmering – Semmeringbahn route
thumbnail of Semmering-Semmeringbahn-Strecke-standard-de

6. Semmering – Kienberg route

thumbnail of Kienberg-Strecke-standard-de

7. Semmering – Franz Werfel route

thumbnail of Semmering-Franz-Werfel-Tour-standard-de-1

8. Semmering – World Heritage mountain bike route

thumbnail of Weltkulturerbe-Radstrecke-standard-de

9. Wind & Bike Pretul

thumbnail of Mountainbike_Pretul

For downhillers the Semmering bike park is the perfect starting point

Semmering bike park has an impressive variety of tracks over 12 kilometres, featuring a wide range for everyone from families to professionals. The height difference of every route is 350 meters, as they all have the same starting and ending points.